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The world of blueberries:
What better than a kingdom as the topic of another album? Honestly, it was the best excuse to meet all the beautiful girls there, and to stuff our faces with meat pie and blueberry pie, which have made the region famous.
In fact, the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean offered many advantages, on top of the large beers, that we had to consider before undertaking the next logical step to Néciphore.

Meeting Théophile:
It quickly became obvious how we would portray this beautiful region by our meetings and round trips to the Parc des Laurentides. The kindness of the people, their pride, their accents, their imagination, and the little failings that would be put on the table for the presentation of Théophile. Just retired, Théophile was able to finally leave his natal home, Jonquière, for a great sharp turn to the Lac. From one adventure to another, Théophile and his friends managed to portray a humoristic but accurate and informative portrait of the particular quirks of SAGLAC.

The anecdote:
Rule No. 1: NEVER MIX UP THE TWO TERRITORIES. Saguenay is Saguenay, and the Lac is the Lac. They love each other, but are different from one another…that’s it…no questions asked…non-negotiable! Then, in our place, what would you put as a cover page: an image of Saguenay or an image of the Lac-Saint-Jean? Hem! First idea, the little white house, symbol of a catastrophe that marked the whole region. Answer to the Lac? Well, Saguenay has the advantage! Then, we come back to our drawings. Hugues draws the crossing of the Lac-Saint-Jean, popular symbol having an international visibility. Answer to Saguenay? Well, now the Lac takes up the whole place.

Saguenay–Lac, Lac–Saguenay, we look at all the angles. How do we please everybody? By doing a cover for both regions, of course. We only had to think about it. We kept the two covers and we told the printer to change the direction of the pages halfway through print. When we present the album in Saguenay, the little white house is on the cover, and when we present the album in Lac-Saint-Jean, the crossing of the Lac is on the cover. But know this, dear Blueberries, we had to break our heads in two for this one! Of course, we won’t hold it against you, in fact, we love it!

Long live the Blueberries!