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The birth:
Everything started on a night over many drinks by the following words: “Hey, are you game on doing a comic strip?” Those were words fraught with meaning that would result in many challenges the day after the fact. Nevertheless, after nine months of difficult labour, astounding discoveries, and unrelenting work, the offspring came to life in the summer of 2003. Baptized Néciphore in honour of the beauty of this name, the album was an instant success and we, completely amazed, had to reprint in a mad rush only after 10 days.

The plan:
It’s very nice to decide to produce a comic strip, but we needed something interesting to say and show. I wanted to write about something that gets me going. I wanted to combine information with entertainment. Hugues, the illustrator, wanted to imagine the dream but before anything, he wanted to make the fantasy accessible. We both agreed that a tribute to our hometown, the Magdalen Islands, was the perfect solution to our dilemma.

The seduction:
Ok! The challenge acknowledged and the main ideas found, we had to establish partnerships with people of confidence who would allow us to carry out this crazy project. The first step consisted of finding a printer (www.lithomille-iles.com) able of giving us quality without costing an arm, especially Hugues’ arm, so essential to the creation. The second step rested on finding partners (link on the partners’ page) who would finance the first step. This avant-garde approach consisted of putting, at the bottom of the pages, an ad that allowed certain companies of the region to give readers more information about themselves. Obviously, for the viewing pleasure, it was paramount to present an album of quality, the true colours of the typical landscape of the Islands, in a rigid cover, etc. In short, an album at its very best, filled with charm!

The mariage:
The first objective was to unite humour and information. With a series of short stories, which put together, represented an overview of a year in the region, we succeeded in painting a beautiful picture of our subject. The Islands are full of anecdotes. We only needed to draw on the heritage, to make, in some way, the comic strip reality. And, to confirm the general belief that the best way to make a marriage last is through the stomach, we opted to include good old symbolic recipes of the Islands, and also to include a glossary of words and expressions.

The family:
The response of solicited contributors was so astounding that only after a few days, we could turn to many strong partners from the region. As a result, we received the necessary financing for the project, counting on these same partners as the future pillars of the distribution network on the Magdalen Islands. They are partners of gold whom we strongly urge you to visit.

The pleasure:
You can see our unusual procreation approach for our comic strips: birth–plan–seduction–marriage–family–pleasure. For better for worse, we opted for a unique approach, whether for the level of publicity presence in the album or by a distribution network a bit unorthodox. Despite the resounding success of Néciphore, for us, the best way to reach seventh heaven is, now and always, to prepare little humoristic stories. Also, part of this pleasure is to receive your comments on the antics of Néciphore.