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The collection, Travel Québec Through a Comic Strip, is the result of an illustrator from the architecture world and a writer from the publicity world. Humour, information, aesthetics, caricatures, originality, and also the desire to make people want to travel, represent the first motivations of these two authors from the Magdalen Islands, Madelinots in heart and in spirit.
Jean-François Gaudet did his university studies in public communications, administration, advertising, and Spanish. He also did an Attestation in Collegial Studies in computer graphics. After a stint at an advertising agency, he decided to fly on his own wings and start his advertising agency. Rapidly, the success of the first album, Néciphore, compels him to spend the majority of his time to the development of the collection, Travel Québec Through a Comic Strip. Nevertheless, on occasion, he likes to go back to his first love, advertising.

Hugues studied in architecture at Laval University. In view to perfect his training, he gets a contract in Asia thanks to the program, World University Service. After two years of hard work, he comes back home to become Jean-Francois’ partner for the agency, Le Vent Qui Vente. Since then, between two plates of comic strips, he at times takes on a few projects in architecture.