The philosophy:
Le Vent Qui Vente’s main goal is to ensure that its employees have fun. We use this very zen approach, because we believe that the best way to arrive to simple, intelligent, and efficient communications begins essentially with our own well-being. To date, our approach has been successful. People are satisfied with our work and we’re having a fantastic time.

Playing field:
Difficult to label. There are obviously the comic strips, from production to distribution. The publicity world summons us also. We are passioned by the music world as well as the wonders of new technologies. From architecture projects to way out strategic communications to artistic expressions of all kinds, there is always a player among us.

The team:
If you are a player, it’s probably high time that we hear from you.

Click here to send us your cv, and please note all employment requests written too seriously or addressed “To whom it may concern” will be thrown directly in the garbage.

We look forward to hearing from you:
We have nothing against the famous saying, “We win by getting to know each other.” If you have projects, jokes to tell us about your region, comments, or brilliant ideas to share with a limited group of friends, we’re always ready to have fun.

555 chemin du Gros-Cap
L'Étang-du-Nord (Québec)
G4T 3M1

Telephone: 418-986-6365
Fax: 418-986-6395

Questions, comments, information, or any kind of foolishness:

For a bit more intimacy:
Jean-Francois Gaudet
Hugues Poirier